Maurice Bailey

Upscale Soiree’s Music Director Maurice Bailey is Seattle’s most renowned Drummer. Maurice studied under Clarence Acox, the iconic Music Director of Seattle’s Garfield High School’s award winning renowned Jazz Ensemble. His career began in the 70’s a drummer for local Seattle bands such as Hot Ice and Cold, Bold and Together. He soon became one of the most sought after drummers in the U.S. Maurice’s versatility enabled him to play with music luminaries George Benson, Angela Bofil, Kenny G, Stevie Nicks, Crosby-Stills and Nash, Jeffery Osborn and Frankie Beverly & Maze. He has also performed with Gospel greats James Cleveland, Tramaine Hawkins and Thomas Whitfield.

Maurice also gives back to the Seattle community by mentoring and teaching his dynamic, entertaining and unique style of drumming to others by holding free drum seminars.

As Upscale Soiree’s Music Director and drummer for the Upscale Soiree Band Groove Merchants, Maurice’s vision holds true to the company’s mission statement; to provide an array of high quality entertainment experiences by creating and offering distinctive, unique and exceptional entertainment opportunities for a mature-minded audience.

Maurice’s career experiences have given him the vision and direction to discover and introduce obscure extraordinary talent with the ability to grow, and perform at a very high level

To inquire about opportunities to hire, perform professionally at a high level with the Groove Merchants, stage plotting or drum instruction, you can contact Maurice at: or 253-802-6401

Manuel Morais

Pinch Hitter, Lead Guitar and Vocals

Every ThRUsday Night--RU coming this Thursday?

The ITters:

Rebecca Johnson-Daly

Jason "T-Bone" Ames

Pitcher, Vocals

Darren "the Anchor" Milsom

Manager (Not-By-Choice), on Bass

Jason Ames Cover Music

D. Michael Evola

Outfielder, Lead Guitars, Special FX

Michael Daly

Pinch Hitter, Lead Guitar and Vocals

Maurice "Moe" Bailey

Designated Heavy Hitter, Drums

Darren Milsom/

British-born bass player Darren Milsom grew up with the influence of the Beatles and Stones from his parents' record player and by age 13 had taken up the bass guitar. High school years brought a love for Heavy Metal along with Punk Rock and New Wave.  As Darren delved deeper into the instrument, a deep appreciation for Jazz, Funk and Reggae also developed which have all left their mark on his current playing style. Darren began playing professionally at age 18 and since then has toured both nationally and internationally playing with a multitude of original acts, cover bands and recording artists.  

Cuzinit Kashmir

Manuel Morais

Manuel ....

About the CUZINIT Cover Band Team​​

Michael Daly

Michael ....

Cuzinit Bring It On Home

CUZINIT was co-founded by D. Michael Evola and Jason Ames in 2011. They started out acoustically, then decided to go have some fun electrically doing primarily Zep covers. D. Michael has since moved to Vegas to take up professional gambling and pool cleaning. He occasionally flies in for three-day world tours with IT.  

Darren Milson is the most solid bass player I have ever played with. I am a rhythmic singer and my whole cue is off the bass and drums.  Darren is perfect. In my entire history of playing I have only come across one other bass player like Darren, the Italian Danilo Fiorucci. -- Jason Ames

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